Things I do.

The whips (bullwhips, snake whips, quirts, cat of nine tails) are a progression from saddles and braiding work that I was taught to make in BC, Canada and from Ron Edwards (via his numerous books). I have been making them for about 6 years and mostly use paracord. See my whips page for further details

The Books cover subjects such as hikes, fictional stories and tutorial books on bows and whips, plus other missc leather subjects.

Pauls latest hike

A midnight walk in summers twilight to Sgurr na Stri. (read more reports on book page)

Cuillins from Sgurr na stri

Sgurr na stri - that name, its just rolls off the tongue like some fancy tasty french wine - full bodied and darn great views...when the sun finally reveals itself, which eventually it did slithering its way upwards very slowly behind bla beinn as I waited patiently I might add while freezing my cackers off.

The plan was to try and capture "the range" during sunrise. Ye I know, a bad time of year to try that when the best time happens to be when even sgurr na stri would undoubtedly be upto its breeches in thick snow. Read more here.

Below is a Portrait of Paul painted by Robert Blackwell and other photo's of his whips.